Getting Started with Motion Emulator

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To get started with Motion Emulator, taking the following steps.

Choose the Right Plug-in

Different plug-ins implement partial or full functionality of Motion Emulator in different ways. Choose it wisely.

NamePlatformImplementationSupportFake LocationFake SensorFake Cell Station
Mock Location PluginStock Android
Apps that doesn't detect mock location✅🅱️
Websocket PluginXposed
Majority of apps✅🅰️
Content Provider PluginXposed
Majoriity of apps that target sdk version 30 or lower✅🅰️

Plug-in Activation

In the app's main page, select No Plug-ins Found card. This will bring up the plug-in manager.

From the DISABLED list, click on a wanted plug-in to start downloading. After completion, permissions to install unknown apps may be required. The app will automatically make request and install the plug-in.

Drag and drop the installed plug-in to the ENABLED list to activate.

Plugin specific configurations

Plug-ins which are based on Xposed requires additional configuration in the framework you are using.

For the Mock Location Plugin, setup according to the contained instructions.

Drawing Path

Back to the main page, select Draw Trace card. Within the first attempt, maps are to be configured.

Choose the right map

Please choose according to your needs. If you don't know what you are doing, select Google Maps.

Note that the maps viewport is centered with your approximate position. Click on the Add Trace buttion on the bottom of the screen to start creating. Two methods are provided to draw the new path.


Move around the map to find an appropriate viewport. You can click on the search button on the top of the screen, jumping to points of interests convinently.

To start hand drawing, select the Draw Trace button on the bottom of the screen, then select Opt. Then, interactions with the map would leave traces on the map, instead of moving the viewpoint.

To undo the last draw, click on the Undo button on the bottom of the screen. To erase the drawn path, click on the Clear button.

When the drawing is completed, click on the Done button on the bottom.

GPS Sampled

To store real-world postions as path, click on the GPS Sample button on the bottom of the screen.

Seek signals

Find a place where satellites are available, especially outdoor and open areas. The app starts recording when the signal is relatively OK.

To pause the record, click on the Pause button on the bottom of the screen. To continue, click on the Unpause button. To undo the path drawn since the last pause, click on the Undo button.

After completion, click on the Pause button, then the Done button.

Start Simulation

Navigate back to the main page and select Emulate card. Configure the fields of trace, repeat count, velocity, etc. When you feel lucky, click on the Start Emulation button on the bottom of the screen.






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