Using Sensor Data in Motion Emulator

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Start Recording

In the main page, choose the Record card. Select the demanded sensor types. Click on Continue. The app generates various charts of involved sensors. After finishing record, click on the Stop button on the bottom of the screen. The app drops recorded data if not using the Stop button.

The Right Data

Different apps come with different algorithms. If you don't know what you are doing, align to frequency of steps. Navigate back to the main page and choose the Manage card. The record can be found in the Sensor page. The velocity estimated from step frequency is supposed to be close to the target velocity of emulation.

Replay Method

In replay, Motion Emulator processes the data in a specific way. For records short in duration, same clips are repeated. For records that don't align to target velocity, the clip is speeded up or down. Such modifications may produce unusual data.


Sensor simulation is among the least tested functionalities. Most apps don't have a powerful mechanism of detection. On the contrary, powerful apps are better adapted specifically.






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