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Motion Emulator is an Xposed-based location mock app. It is superior to other apps in support of:

  • Sensor and telephony data collection and simulation
  • Trace modification and salting
  • Both root and non-root devices
  • Map and coordiation system covertsation
Downloading method

In this article, several downloading methods are provided. Choose according to your needs.


Release Note v1.2.2


  • Crash when exporting (sharing) recorded data
  • Visual bugs in Recording and Emulation UI
  • Missing navigate up tooltip in Compose-based pages
Release Notes for Previous Versions

Release Note v1.2.1


  • Failure dragging newly downloaded plugins

Note for Blog users

From this version on, no plug-in will be included, as you can download them directly from the app

Release Note v1.2.0

Plug-in System

The newly introduced plug-in system makes Motion Emulator more powerful than ever.

  • The main app itself is decoupled from Xposed.
  • To implement full functionality, install Xposed-based plug-ins.
  • You can get a list of available plug-ins in the Plug-in UI.
  • Download, install and manage within clicks and gestures.

The power of plug-ins appears to be

  • Flexibility: plug-ins can be optimized for certain apps, providing the best experience;
  • Compatibility: host to module communication layer is separated from Motion Emulator, as a result of which special apps can be forged into the system;
  • Management: specify different hooking methods per app;
  • Advancement: different modules can be upgraded in parallel, fixing bugs and making improvement with ease.

WebSocket-based Protocol

  • Implementation of realtime communication between host app and module.
  • ProtoBuf is used for improved efficiency.

Better Emulation

  • Severe bugs of v1.1.7, the last release, have been fixed.
  • Because of the above changes, the Websocket Plugin carries the latest improvements.





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